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Over 60 years of helping Ontario Farmers paint and repair their barns

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    Barn Painting

    Our long history of barn painting gives us the edge in making sure your barn and farm buildings are renewed and restored properly. Make the investment that lasts, by calling us Ray Stewart Barn Painting.

    Exterior House Painting

    Painting the exterior of your home is one of the best ways to quickly increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value. If you’re looking to move, or simply update your home, start by painting the exterior.

    Farm Equipment Painting

    Painting for fellow farmers doesn’t end with barns. Farm equipment; tractors, combines, and other heavy duty equipment can benefit from a refreshing coat of paint. Scrape off the rust and talk to us.

    Commercial Exterior Painting

    Commercial painting can include everything from rental units to massive industrial warehouses. Renew your facility with high durability finishes that will increase the lifespan of your operations.

    Barn Repairs

    With aging barns all over Southern Ontario, keep us in mind when it comes time to call for your barn repairs. Steel repairs, wood/door repairs, and more, we know how to fix a barn right.

    Our Service Area

    We are barn painters that also repair barns and farm equipment throughout Southern Ontario.

    About Our Barn & Farm Equipment Painting Company

    Ray Stewart Barn Painting is a third generation family run agricultural painting company. We have been painting barns, building exteriors and farm equipment for farmers and families across Ontario since the 1960’s.

    We are highly experienced professionals in all facets of the barn painting industry.

    We also provide home exterior painting services for all types of exterior finishes, including steel, aluminum, brick, paster, wood, and vinyl siding.
    Read more about our exterior house painting services

    When it comes to your farm painting projects, we understand the needs and wants of the Ontario Farmer; because we are Farmers also.

    Painting Services

    Painting Services

    We offer Boom Truck Service for safe and efficient painting of your Barn and Outbuildings, Factories or Shops. We can also paint Garages and Homes, Storage Tanks, Silos and Legs.

    We travel all over Southern Ontario from Port Rowan, Simcoe, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph, Goderich, Stratford, and beyond.

    It’s worth driving a country mile to see a country smile

    Ray Stewart Barn Painting can paint everything from steel roofs to wooden fences.

    Call us to give new life to your Heavy Equipment or Farm Equipment.

    Ray Stewart


    Ray is a family man that lives on a horse farm with his lovely wife Kate and 4 children. Ray has followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father in the agricultural painting business.

    He started painting farms in 1989 at age 16, working for his dad in the summer months while finishing high school. He continued to work for the family business while he attended Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

    Several years later he eventually took the reins at “Ray Stewart Barn Painting“.

    Dave Stewart


    Dave Stewart, our Spray Master, is another descendant of the Stewart family business. He honed his spray painting skills and general knowledge of the business through many years of experience. Dave started in the early nineties working for his uncle in the Barn Painting Industry.

    Dave’s love of horses and rural lifestyle, combined with his commitment to a hard day’s work make his position as Spray Master a perfect career choice for Dave. He’s a family man. He and his wife Tevea live in Guelph, Ontario, where they are raising their three children.

      It's Your Barn, Ontario. Let us Repair & Restore it.

      We know you want a job that is done properly, reasonably priced, and executed with the right quality exterior paint products for your barn, home, or farm outbuilding. We understand that while aesthetics are important; longevity is first and foremost for the Ontario Farmer.

      That’s why there is no job too small or too large for Ray Stewart Barn Painting.

      "If you are faithful in small things, larger things shall be given unto you."

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      Painting Service Area of Coverage

      We are pleased to provide our painting and barn repair services across all of Southern Ontario. From our original home in Port Rowan, the four corners of Southern Ontario are all within reach, including (but not limited to):