Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Any Building Exterior: Refinished, Renewed.

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Experienced Professional Commercial Painting

When it comes to your business, the exterior of your building is often the first thing your customers will see. First impressions count, and that is exactly what our commercial painting services aim to fix. We travel all across Southern Ontario.

Spraying Exterior of Building

Commercial Painting is an Investment

For new construction or restoration, painting the exterior of your facility is a crucial part of proper maintenance. It is an investment in making your building last, and your company stand out.

New Commercial Building

Any Exterior Material – Upgraded

Even complex commercial buildings, like a lot of modern builds, have mixtures of different materials. These dynamic exteriors require maintenance, upkeep, and the occasional coat of fresh paint.

Who We Provide Commercial Painting Services for:

Basically, we will paint the exteriors of any building that requires a fresh new look. We have been in the exterior painting business for 3 generations, which now measures over 50 years.

Our customers come from all walks of business and industry:

  • Office buildings
  • Automotive repair garages
  • Industrial buildings/factories/plants
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Farms and sheds

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Painting Service Results

The Process: Commercial Painting

  • Clean & Prep

    The surface of your building must be cleaned, up to and including power washing. This ensures proper adhesion of primers and paints.

  • Priming

    If needed, a primer, or base layer is applied to the exterior of the building. The primer allows for extra assurance that the final coats of paint will adhere to the surface.

  • Painting

    Custom colour choices and final application using high quality sprayers and rollers/brushes as needed. Boom truck available for those hard to reach areas.

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Industry Specific Painting

Office Exteriors

Single or multi-story buildings with various types of exterior finishes. These types of buildings can be painted quickly and beautifully to radically improve curb appeal and employee spirit.

Rental Properties

For rental units such as apartments and condos, appearance counts for so much. With a freshly painted and refinished exterior, you can attract new tenants, and keep current ones pleased.

Warehouses / Industrial

We’ve all seen the deteriorating factories of yesteryear. Avoid disintegrating exterior surfaces with regular maintenance and care. Painting and siding replacement will increase building lifespan.

...And so much more!