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We offer much more than barn painting and equipment painting. We are the Southern Ontario source for total farm maintenance, repair & restoration!

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  • Barn Eaves troughs, Soffit & Fascia
  • Aluminum Products
  • Sheet Metal Roofing & Siding
  • Barn Boards & Doors

General Farm Maintenance (Repair & Restoration)

Your farm has plenty of components that rely on each other for the best results. Whether you’re into crops, livestock, or dairy, having your buildings and equipment in top shape can keep you running smooth all year round.

Ray Stewart has you covered for all of your agricultural general maintenance and repairs.

Add new or replace existing eaves troughs to store or redirect rain water and reduce the risk of flooding in your farm buildings.

Adding proper ventilation and air flow to your farm buildings can save on heating costs and increase your energy efficiency.

We can replace or repair steel siding and roofing. This may be ideal when doing patchwork or upgrades to your barn or outbuildings.

Barn Boards/Doors

Classic wooden barn boards and wood/steel barn doors are easily replaced or repaired with Ray Stewart Barn Painting Services.

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Agricultural Eavestroughs, Soffit & Fascia


How’s the eavestrough on your barn or shop looking?

If you’re looking to patch up or fix up those gutters, let us have a look. We have the boom truck which enables us to get up to the heights needed to inspect, repair, and install eavestroughs where others cannot.

We are also fully capable of repairing and restoring the soffit and fascia that are also a big part of the rain water drainage and redirection system of your barn or building. The years can be cruel to our barns and our gutters, let us give them a chance to endure.

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Steel Siding & Steel Roofing

steel sided building

 Time to Repair or Replace Your Steel Siding or Steel Roofing?

A lot of barns and farm buildings out there are made out of steel, or have portions made out of steel. Whether you have siding or roofing that is made out of steel, there’s a chance there’s areas or entire sections that need to be repaired or replaced.

We enjoy working with steel and have access to all makes and profiles of sheet metal to match your existing style. We can also paint steel and sheet metal to match to further ensure a seamless repair, or a stunning addition.

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We look forward to speaking with you regarding your barn restoration efforts. Even if you just have questions, we’d be delighted to share our experience and help with you. After all, what good is 3 generations of experience if you can’t help your fellow farmers!

-Ray Stewart

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