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Painting Barns, Roofs, & Equipment in Stratford, On

Is your barn in need of a fresh coat of paint?

We help farmers in Stratford & Perth County restore barns and outbuildings (as well as tractors/combines) to their prime condition. Remember seeing those bright red and green barns as a child? We are happy to help, call Ray Stewart Barn Painting:

We Love Painting for Farmers in Stratford, Ontario

Stratford is the agricultural center point of Perth County, and is home to many types of crop farmers, dairy farmers, and livestock farmers. We love helping farmers in Stratford freshen up their farm buildings and equipment with long lasting, durable paint finishes. It’s important to you, and it’s important to us!
How can we help you? Maybe this video can help:


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What is the Best Time to Have My Barn in Stratford Painted?

At Ray Stewart Barn Painting Services, we operate almost year round. We typically try to focus on the time periods where there is no frost or snow, which gives us a solid 8 or 9 months of prime barn painting weather.

It is a great idea to plan ahead, and call ahead so that we can schedule a visit to discuss your situation.

We often try to combine projects in the same geographic area, as we operate across Southern Ontario. This means for you, that we will try to tackle several farm painting tasks in Stratford during the same period.

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Barn Painting Service in Stratford

If you have any questions related to our traveling farm painting service, please ask, it never hurts to ask.
We always love our journeys to Stratford and Perth County, and we would be delighted if our next trip involves talking to you.

We use top quality products and materials from industrial and agricultural suppliers such as:

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